Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Saturday, 30 April 2016

I've always liked the semi anonymity that Blogger offers. Here you don't have to give your full name publicly, you can use any email address, not necessarily you primary one and you don't have to use an image of yourself. Yes, there are ways of being traced if someone really wants to (nothing on the net is truly secure!)

However I'm going to forgo all that to do a bit of advertising for my new book.

This is actually my second book but as the first was on John Dee's Enochian magic, which is a world away from folk magic, I didn't mention it.

But my new book is much closer...

The Book is entitled "RUNEN - The Wisdom of the Runes

Here's the blurb from my publisher Aeon Sophia Press.

What is presented here is without doubt, the most misunderstood, probably the most cynically abused set of runes in the history of runology. The Armanen runes have been ignored by scholars, abused by right wing extremists and largely forgotten by students of the occult. Nevertheless the Armanen runes are in many ways the quintessential esoteric rune row. Originally conceived of by the nineteenth century German mystic Guido von List, the Armanen runes offer us the most esoterically charged futharks ever encountered. But in order to fully understand the significance of the Armanen runes we must first examine their history, and attempt to dispel some of the myths that have grown up around them. We can then move on to examine them in detail. In doing so it is hoped that this present text will demonstrate that the Armanen runes deserve to be returned to their rightful place at the zenith of true rune magic and not left in the hands of fanatics who have no idea of their true meaning as symbols of transformation granting access into the deeper unconscious and what may lie beyond.

You can see it here

A couple of images 

And a promo pic...

Incidentally my next book IS about Folk Magic, but from a slightly different 'angle'...

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Sorry I've been quiet for so long, there's been a lot going on.....

Had an excellent day last Saturday (27th Feb) at the launch of Nigel Pearson's book 'The Devil's Plantation.
The day's speakers included Gemma Gary and Jane Cox of 'Troy Books' (great to finally meet them) Peter Jennings (author), Matthew 'Fox' (Pagan Federation, etc.) and Genuine 'East Anglian Cunning Man'  Michael Clark.
Also had the oppotunuity to meet writer Nigel Pennick, and reacquaint myself with the Former owner of the Witchcraft  museum, Graham King.
All in all a very good day.

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Some very sad news.

from Xoanon's website

With profound sadness we announce the passing of Michael Howard, author, folklorist, publisher, witchcraft authority, and Elder of the Cultus Sabbati. He died peacefully after a short illness, in the county of Devonshire, England, with family and friends by his side. The Craft suffers a great loss at his departure.
Many know of Michael’s tireless work in publishing The Cauldron, the U.K.’s premiere journal of witchcraft, paganism, and folklore, begun in the 1970s. The publication enjoys great popularity and draws from a considerable diversity of sources and traditions. Often controversial, it has always nonetheless been substantive and original, reflecting Michael’s ability to draw together many different strands of practitioners, creating networks that endure to this day.
A member of several lodges, covines, and guilds, Michael’s magical expertise drew upon many esoteric strands, including herbalism, freemasonry, ceremonial magic, esoteric Christianity, and the folklore of his native British Isles. In particular, his understanding of Luciferian gnosis and magic was an instrumental force in shaping present-day cunning-craft. In the last two decades of his life, he devoted the entirety of his magical work to traditional craft, and was an exemplary practitioner and teacher.
The author of over 30 books, Michael published on a variety of esoteric topics over his lifetime. Perhaps his most influential books were Pillars of Tubal Cain, The Book of Fallen Angels, and Children of Cain. Some of his written ritual work, rarely published, also appeared in The Psalter of Cain, the Cultus Sabbati’s gathering of rites and charms in honour of Cain, patron of witches. Several of Michael’s unpublished texts remain in the wings for future publication through Xoanon and Three Hands Press, as was his wish.
We remember him as a man of many virtues, of great humour, insight, and courage, as well as his insistence on standing by his brethren, and defending the Craft. Above all, he exemplified the stance of Light-Bringer, and, in its function as tenebrator, the Opposer of Shadow.
In this time of mourning, we appreciate and thank our private community for all the support given to Michael and the Cultus over the years, and pledge continued honour to his memory, within the Circle and without.

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

New addition to my Three Hands/Xoanon collection
 (Wording borrowed from Three Hands Press page)


With its geographic diversity of rocky edifices, deep river valleys and dense forests, Europe's Balkan mountain region has been characterized as a natural fortress. This natural multiformity is mirrored by an ancient admixture of magical beliefs and practices present in the region for thousands of years. Among the many specialist types of Balkan magic is Vesticarstvo, a sorcery drawing its power from Balkan folk belief, relict shamanism, and medieval heresy. This traditional magic, which has also been referred to as The Balkan Craft, is present today in many forms, and uses of thousands of charms, rites, and spells in the rural communities where it survives. A quintessential embodiment of this power is the zmajevit covek or ‘dragon-man’. Part human, part serpent, he possessed supernatural heredity and the power to curse, cure, and traffic with supernatural beings. Often incorporating the ancient powers of the pre-Roman Gods, the Queen of the Fairies, elemental spirits, and the ancestral retinue, the vital corpus of Vesticarstvo lore is a little-explored area of occult study. Drawing from both historical sources and present survivals, the present volume examines its history, beliefs, and rituals, including a complete English translation of De Intorkatura, an age-old rite of magical combat, as well as several other Balkan witchcraft rituals never before translated into English.

Some interesting reading for the coming bank holiday weekend...


Just found an audio interview with the author of the above book, well worth a listen.
(got to say, I love his accent!)


Wednesday, 12 August 2015

This arrived today! 

Here's publisher's write up

We (Troy Books) are delighted to announce a new special limited edition of Gemma's popular book 'The Black Toad - West Country Witchcraft and Magic'.
Since the fine hand-bound edition of this book sold out, we have received many enquiries regarding copies of this edition, and so we have decided to release a special edition limited to 200 copies. The book is case bound using recycled leather fibres emulating the look and feel of golden tan Morocco leather, and foil blocked in black with black end papers and black and yellow head and tail bands. Printed on cream 80gsm paper stock with sewn binding. The book is presented in Demy format 216 x 138mm.

Don't worry about the 'recycled leather fibres' because it looks and feels like 'normal' leather.
One thing that did surprise me is that it's slightly smaller then the original black cloth edition, but still a good size. Well worth buying!

Saturday, 1 August 2015

Moving on up with my work!

best header I could think of to describe going from having the Standard edition of the The Dragon Book of Essex to the Deluxe.