Thursday, 17 July 2014

The Cunning Man

By Robert Hallmann

When the Wizard walked these acres
Ever watchful. Herb and heal.
All the creatures of his maker
Knew the worth of his appeal. 

Mr. Murrell, can you help me?
Can you help me, Mr. Murls?
I have lost my father’s fobwatch.
Do you know who stole my pearls? 

Mr. Murrell, I am anxious.
That’s why I appeal to you.
My intended still avoids me,
Can you tell him what to do? 

Will you send another potion
That will make my stummic heal?
I have taken what you sent me –
Now I’ve got a funny feel… 

My poor horse has got the colic,
Can you make him pull his load?
And my cow has dried up udders.
Should I boil a frog and toad? 

Does my husband have a lover?
Oh, I think he’s gone astray.
Will he leave me? Can you make him
See the error of his way? 

She is evil. My suspicion
Is, she doesn’t wish me well…
Can you make your special bottle
To explode my neighbour’s spell?

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